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Hitting the spotlight: ErynRose


BFW OCT 13-15 2023


Three days, five experiences, multiple sponsors, dozens of hosts and special guests, performances and prizes. A showcase of what the Birmingham and Midlands scene has to offer; The people, places and projects. Brought to you by the BBB and friends.

This is Birmingham Fetish Weekend.

"Eryn Rose


Eryn Rose is a UK performer, model and content creator who began bringing their BDSM identity to the forefront of their work in 2015 and never looked back. They often describe their own personal brand as Queer Wholesome BDSM: emphasising fun, consent, and clear communication whilst still enjoying 'extreme' play. Eryn explores a wide variety of kinks in their work and enjoys delving into the ways in which shibari can interact with, and be used to intensify, other BDSM elements. While best known as a submissive and rope bottom, Eryn does also switch and tie both themself and others too."

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