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Hitting the spotlight: Vivienne L'amour


BFW OCT 13-15 2023


Three days, five experiences, multiple sponsors, dozens of hosts and special guests, performances and prizes. A showcase of what the Birmingham and Midlands scene has to offer; The people, places and projects. Brought to you by the BBB and friends.

This is Birmingham Fetish Weekend.

Vivienne L’amour


Mistress Vivienne has been an approachable and dedicated professional Dominatrix for a decade. She owns Celestial Studios, a multi-set play space, fully stocked for every fetish and filming fantasy. Her favourite room is the Medieval Torture Square, complete with a rack and stable.

Miss Vivienne hosts large hardcore kink/swing events with international performers, and conducts regular whipping, rope and Mistress tuition workshops.

Her specialisms are: suspension bondage, whipping, heavy rubber and complicated/historic roleplay and interrogation scenarios.

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