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Lets talk about: DK Leather


BFW OCT 13-15 2023


Three days, five experiences, multiple sponsors, dozens of hosts and special guests, performances and prizes. A showcase of what the Birmingham and Midlands scene has to offer; The people, places and projects. Brought to you by the BBB and friends.

This is Birmingham Fetish Weekend.



Master DK Leather and the UK KRueL Leather Family have been familiar fixtures within the UK BDSM Communities and events since the nineties, giving workshops, demos and performances since then. Most familiar for their hardcore workshops, occasional madcap fun (the Annual Whip-Boxing Championships at the BBB for example) and for the family bootblacks (IMBB LeatherHiraeth and EBB Jak), they will be joining us for their own special brand of sharing the wealth.

DK is also a renowned psychotherapist, a well known trans man, and a respected shamanic practitioner.

DK will be featuring as a Guest host over our weekend as well as featuring in our Human Library (more details to comes ).

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