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We have about 7 months until Birmingham Fetish Weekend 2024 (Nov 15th-17th) and there is so much going on in the background, hence why we have been so quiet since our ticket launch! We are over the moon that ticket sales have started shifting already but for those still on the fence about attending, maybe this will help!

For our Saturday Community Day (16/11/24) we have added more workshops this year and we are so excited we cannot wait to tell you who’s booked in already! (official promos and workshop details will be coming over the next couple of months so watch our socials/website for that!) But in the meantime, let us throw some spoilers out here!

  • NotForSofties returns but this time with “SadisticRope”

  • Tara_Red returns with her famous “Impact 101”

  • BelleDeSM joins us with “Feminism, Kink and BDSM”

  • Will_Hunt and RedRidingBrat return but this time with “How to build your own sexbot”

  • DKLeather returns to us for 2024, workshop TBC.

  • texaspete returns to us with but this time with “Hypno 101”

  • Mist3rBee is back but this time with “Wax 101”

  • Slutmuffin95 aka SploshMuffin joins us with “Sploshing 101”

  • Hypnohedonist and sinisterdenial join us for BFW2024, workshop TBC.

  • LadySelena joins us this year with “Caning!”

  • Tara_Red and TexasPete rerun their fantastic “Consent/Safety and Negotiations”

  • Phoenix_Flight joins the BFW 2024 team with “Sensory Deprivation”

  • violetincredible joins us again this year but this time it's all about “CBT”

  • -Selkie- is another new face for this year with “Ethical Bratting”

  • Echo-Wood is our final new addition to the line up with “The Big World of Littles”

Workshops are run in rounds so multiple workshops will take place at the same time. Mark down your favourites now so you know who to look for when the timetable is released! Around our workshops you'll find space to socialise with various munch and event hosts from around the Birmingham scene mingling through the crowds to help answer questions, signpost to other events or just have a good ole chinwag!

Tickets for Saturday Community day are free as part of your weekend pass or can be purchased separately.

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BFW NOV 15-17 2024 


Three days, five experiences, multiple sponsors, dozens of hosts and special guests, performances, workshops and prizes. A showcase of what the Birmingham and Midlands scene has to offer; The people, places and projects. Brought to you by the BBB and friends.

This is Birmingham Fetish Weekend.

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