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Texas Pete and Tara Red: Consent and Negotiations

TexasPete and TaraRed understand that sometimes the most essential workshops can seem less exciting and may not attract as many participants. That’s why they’ve come up with this engaging and valuable workshop which cover what some may refer to as basics and others as indispensable.


Whether you're brand new or been exploring for a while everybody needs to discuss their play intentions with clear communication and taking on responsibility for a consensual and safe play scene. Starting with understanding consent, then the very basic negotiation, safewords, limits, wants and needs etc, the differences between implied expressed and informed consent, identifying red and green flags, then informing and educating yourself to be a more risk aware player whether top or bottom.


There will also be tips for general social and communication skills for events and munches to approach people new to you, join in conversations, overcoming difficulties and hopefully make new friends. Plus tips for the more confident chatterers to spot and include the shy ones.


Miss Tara Red she/her

With almost 30 years on the scene and an extensive 16 years experience as a professional switch and domme specialising in corporal punishment and discipline, Tara enjoys teaching and sharing her wealth of knowledge, gained from years of attending workshops, research, frequent play and playing with many highly experienced players. Tara also runs her own workshops with varying presenters, demos at her own events, runs parties and munches, teaches at The BBB and Kinkfest, and is passionate about education and safety. Her main interests are impact play, spanking, flogging, caning (former winner of the Night of The Cane Golden Cane award), waxplay and fireplay, adjusting to the play partner and connection.

Texaspete he/him

A UK based munch-loving kinkster who enjoys meeting new people and the social side of kink having attended a few hundred munches over several years, in addition he has attended a number of kink workshops, conferences and events. He runs both in person and online munches alongside his passions of travelling, learning new things, helping people and food! Texaspete is a D-type kinkster who takes pleasure in taking control, power exchange and D/s dynamics as well as eliciting reactions of others which link in well with his varied kink interests, including hypnosis, impact play, wax and restraints amongst many others. 

Will Hunt and RedRidingBrat: How to build your own sexbot

Training, personas and behavioural modifications.


Join us for a slightly tongue in cheek look at how we can combine a range of mind play techniques with tools of D/s imprinting to help build a play persona that our partners can fully submerge themselves in.


We shall explore how we can embed and trigger patterns of behaviour and give our partners the permission they need to fully let go to become what we want them to be.


Don’t expect a swinging pocket watch and someone making chicken noises or an NLP 101 class, rather look forward to a deep dive into how we can use a range of kink tools to help communicate desire, program our partners and give them the permission to surrender totally to our desires.

Will Hunt 


Sploshmuffin: Sploshing 101!


Join Sploshmuffin for her Sploshing 101 workshop where she will share with you all her tips and tricks on ways you can get wet & messy, what sploshing/WAM is and much much more. 

She will be discussing other kinks that can be incorporated into Sploshing and opening up to your partner about Sploshing and how to possibly get them involved. Finally but most importantly we will be looking at how to Splosh safely and consensually. Please join Sploshmuffin at Birmingham Fetish Weekend for all things Sploshing and of course with a messy demo from the splosh Queen herself, Megan aka Sploshmuffin.



Introducing Megan aka Sploshmuffin a Wet & Messy (WAM) Content creator, educator and kinkster. Mainly found on the Birmingham kink scene where she attend events regularly including the BBB 😉 Megan won Best Fetish Newcomer in 2023 at the UK Fetish Awards for her sploshing content her my main goal is to spread positivity around kink in general but especially Sploshing as a lesser known and often misunderstood fetish. 

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